Keeping you safe this festive season

As we head into the break, a number of you will no doubt be travelling around the country to relax, unwind, spend time with family and enjoy the holidays. To help you have a safe journey this festive season, we have placed together a few tips to follow whilst travelling.

Get plenty of sleep

It is estimated around 20-30% of all fatal crashes on Australian roads are due to fatigue. Between 10pm and dawn, your risk of having a fatal crash is four times more likely. During the holiday periods, almost 30% of fatigue-related car deaths occur. Ensure that before taking off on a long journey, you have plenty of sleep the night before and if you are feeling a bit tired whilst driving, pull over and have a power nap before continuing.

Stay off your mobile

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is not only illegal in Australia but it also has great effects on your driving ability. Using a mobile phone whilst driving will cause: slower reactions, a longer response rate and it can cause you to wander out of your lane. If you need to use your mobile phone, stop and park safely where you will not endanger yourself and other road users before sending that text or answering a phone call.

Driving rural?

If you are driving rural this festive season, make sure you have a heightened sense of awareness in remote areas. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order and that it has been serviced recently. Always carry a spare tyre, tools and extra water. If you are travelling to remote areas off major highways, make sure you have plenty of fuel as well as food and water as it can be a while before there is anywhere to stop. A good tip to ensure that you are accounted for if something should go wrong is to inform family or friends of your intended route and expected arrival time. This way, if they don’t hear from you or can’t get a hold of you they can take precautionary methods to ensure you didn’t breakdown.

Flood and bushfires

Australia has a lot of different weather conditions where some parts of the country may be affected by floods, bushfires or cyclones. We suggest planning your trip in advance and check for local weather conditions in the area you are travelling to and also along the route you are travelling. You should not attempt to cross flooded roads as flood waters often have strong currents which can sweep your vehicle away.

Watch out for wildlife and livestock

Watch out for wildlife on the road, such as kangaroos, emus, wombats and koalas. Be aware that livestock such as cattle can graze on the side of an unfenced road. Always travel at a safe speed, so if an animal crosses in front of you, you can further reduce your speed to avoid an accident.


Speeding affects hundreds of Australians each year but is easily preventable by speed appropriate driving. More than 4100 people are injured in speed-related incidents each year in Australia. Here are a few simple ways you can prevent speeding this festive season:

  • Monitor your speed especially when slowing down from a high speed.
  • Be aware of road signs or warnings especially when approaching curves or corners.
  • Always stay within the speed limit posted.
  • Drive slower than the speed limit if weather, traffic or road conditions change.
  • When travelling at high speeds, increase the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you so that you can stop safely and react quickly.

From the team here at Fleetcare we would like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Remember the tips above whilst driving this festive season and take your time, relax and enjoy the journey.

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