Fleet Manager Series - Outsourcing the big question

Anyone involved in managing a fleet of any size knows it’s a difficult and at times thankless task. Managing everything from fuel to FBT (fringe benefit tax) reporting it can seem that the work itself conspires to inexplicably build up at the most inconvenient and conflicting of times. With all this im mind we decided that this week we would write an article especially to help the small fleet manager (this is generally under 50 cars) understand the full spectrum of tasks which are demanded of them.

What are the key areas?

If you’re an old hand or if you’re just new at the fleet game it always helps to look at the job from a birds eye point of view and consider what you have been keeping up and what you have been letting slide, even just a little. Have a look at the list below and see how well your system is working.

  • Vehicle Registration
  • InsuranceFuel management
  • Etag management
  • FBT reporting
  • Contingency vehicle management
  • Accident plans and roadside assistance
  • GPS systems
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Driver training

Each of these can offer their own challenges and difficulties and some can require the skills of external fleet management contractors. When it comes to outsourcing individual sections of fleet management its important to consider all possible solutions to your problem as its unwise to contract a business activity without having a good degree of oversight on what work is being done.


Effective fleet management demands a wide array of differing and in places specialist skills. With this in mind it is important to understand what exactly you, as the fleet manager can competently undertake in house and what will need to be outsourced. Serious thought should be invested considering this and fleet managers should also be aware that time itself is also a cost. Just because you can do something does not always mean you should, this is important to note as getting involved in menial fleet tasks can be counter productive and time sapping. As usual objective setting and concise planning are key when addressing your businesses and fleet needs.

What is your biggest challenge as a fleet manager?

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