5 safety tips for country Christmas driving

Christmas is a great time of year to venture out into the Australian countryside for a break with the family. So please read these 5 simple tips to ensure you have a safe and happy Christmas trip.

1. Turning off the road. When turning right, across traffic, have your wheels pointed straight ahead rather than right. This way, if hit from behind you will not be knocked into oncoming traffic.

2. Road Trains. Impatience with large trucks has caused many road fatalities in the past. Never overtake without at least 1km of clear road ahead on spaced lines not solid. Most importantly do not become impatient, 10 minutes saved is not worth you and your passengers lives.

3. Animal Peak Times. Try to avoid driving at dusk and dawn, times when animals are most active. At night if you see a distant animal in your high beams turn your lights to low beam and slow down. The high beam can dazzle them and keep them stunned in the middle of the road. Always remember to keep litter inside the car. Littering encourages animals to venture closer to the road increasing the risk of accidents for yourself and fellow drivers.

4. Breaks. An obvious one that still causes a major portion of fatalities. Every few hours or as required pull over and walk around or have a nap. Free coffee points are available at most country service stations, please take advantage.

5. Visibility. Ensure you always have your lights on low beam during the day. When driving during the day in the country visibility of oncoming cars can still be poor, especially on long stretches of road. This is why it is imperative to keep your low beam on to avoid head on collisions with cars that are overtaking.
From everyone at Fleetcare we hope you have a safe and fun filled Christmas!

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