Commonwealth Games 2014 Wrap Up

With the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games now finished we take a look over the controversy, thrills, spills and triumphs of our Australian athletes in Glasgow.

137 successfully achieved medals

With 137 medals successfully achieved by our Australian team in Glasgow it’s hard not to be proud to call yourself an Australian right now. Coming second place behind England on 174 medals, Australia dominated the medal tally, far outreaching Canada in third place on 82 medals. Here is a rundown of what our Glasgow 2014 team achieved: 49 gold - 8 in athletics, 2 in boxing,  7 in cycling, 2 in diving, 2 in hockey, 1 in netball,  6 In shooting, 2 in squash and 19 in swimming. 42 silver - 1 in athletics, 1 in bowls, 1 in boxing, 9 in cycling, 3 in diving, 4 in gymnastics, 21 in swimming, 1 in table tennis and 1 in weightlifting. And finally 46 bronze - 3 in athletics, 3 in bowls, 8 in cycling, 3 in diving, 4 in judo, 1 in rugby sevens, 2 in shooting, 1 in squash,  17 in swimming, 1 in table tennis, 1 in the triathlon and 2 in weightlifting.

Francois Etoundi head butting debacle

Australian weightlifting bronze medallist Francois Etoundi has been ordered to pay $726 in compensation to Gareth Evans (Welsh weightlifter) after admitting to head butting him and fracturing his nose during an altercation.  It has since came to light that the altercation happened following a verbal clash between the two in the village dining hall. Francois Etoundi has been expelled from the Australian team in Glasgow and is set to fly out of Glasgow as soon as a flight is available.

Smashing the 4 x 100 world record

Achieving a swimming world record is definitely hard to come by these days, which is why the 4 x 100 freestyle women’s swimming team absolutely astonished viewers when they achieved a world record of three minutes and 30.98 seconds. The record breaking time beat the previous record by 0.74 seconds and was definitely one of the highlights of the games. 

Netball glory

After two heart-wrenching losses in the previous Commonwealth Games, the Australian Diamonds set out to win. We all knew it was going to be one of the headline acts of Glasgow 2014 and the Australian Diamonds and New Zealand Silver Ferns did not disappoint. The Diamonds came out and strongly reminded the Silver Ferns that they were here to win. When the final whistle blew at the end of the fourth quarter the Australian team had successfully beaten New Zealand 58-40 to take home gold.

Successfully achieving 137 medals and coming 2nd on the overall medal tally, we can successfully say that the 2014 Australian team truly dominated the Commonwealth Games. With the 2016 Olympics fast approaching we look forward to seeing a number of successful athletes competing for Australia once again.

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