Top ten car series; Chinas top selling cars UPDATE 2013

When examining automotive sales in other countries, it is hardly surprising that one of the first countries that come to mind is China – they are the largest country in terms of population after all, with over one billion people. Along with their rapidly industrialising economy and culture also comes an increase in car sales.

When comparing the top ten of 2013 so far to the 2010 sales figures it is interesting to see a complete shakeup of the top ten. Because of the drastic changes, we thought it was time to examine Chinese car sales again.

2013 Car Sales – January to July

  Model Number Sold Size
1 Volkswagen Lavida 252,444 Medium
2 Ford Focus 218,617 Small
3 Buick Excelle 171,408 Medium
4 Chevrolet Sail 163,637 Medium
5 Volkswagen Sagitar 162,405 Medium
6 Volkswagen Jetta 138,232 Medium
7 Volkswagen Passat 137,439 Medium
8 Volkswagen Bora 136,621 Medium
9 Nissan Sylphy 131,023 Medium
10 Chevrolet Cruze 125,931 Medium


One aspect of the top selling cars in China that has remained constant since 2010 is the countries love of sedans – medium-sized vehicles still fill nine of the top ten spots with the exception of the slightly smaller Ford Focus. Volkswagen seems to be China’s favourite car brand, with five of the ten top selling cars.

What is interesting is that all of the top ten models come from international car brands rather than any local names. However it is important to note that most of the ten cars in the above list were actually manufactured in China by local arms of overseas brands.

Home-grown brands such as Great Wall and Chery appear much lower on the list; the Great Wall Haval H6 is the highest performing model from its manufacturer at number 16, and Chery’s highest selling model the QQ comes in at number 31. The figures do indicate that the popularity of home-grown models is on the rise, with the Haval H6 sales up 195% year-on-year and other local models experiencing similarly rapid growth.

What does this all mean?

While Chinese auto sales still clearly show the same trends as evident from 2010 (preference for sedan-sized cars, dominance of Volkswagen), the landscape is clearly shifting with five new models now in the top ten. Moving into the future it will be interesting to see how China’s auto market develops, and weather their car makers such as Great Wall and Chery will start making a bigger impact on sales, both at home and in overseas markets such as Australia.

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What do you think of the Chinese car market?

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