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2012 was a big year for the Indonesian car market – for the first time in history over one million vehicles were registered in a single year. This figure is hardly surprising considering the large jumps in market growth over the last few years – in 2012 car sales were up 25% on 2011 and 46% in 2010. With the country’s vehicle sector growing at such a rapid rate, the top ten is more interesting than ever as we watch car makers compete for a chunk of this massive market. While we looked at Indonesia’s top selling cars in 2011, we thought it was time to build on our initial article by examining how the top ten has changed in 2012 and the first part of 2013.

2012 Car Sales

  Model Number Sold Size
1 Toyota Avanza 192,146 Medium/wagon
2 Daihatsu Xenia 73,418 Medium/wagon
3 Toyota Innova 71,685 Wagon
4 Mitsubishi Truck Colt Diesel 55,604 Large truck/commercial
5 Suzuki Carry Pick-up 43,926 Pick-up
6 Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-up 37,948 Pick-up
7 Nissan Grand Livina 34,129 Wagon
8 Suzuki Ertiga 34,074 Medium/wagon
9 Toyota Rush 34,033 Mini SUV
10 Toyota Yaris 27,809 Small

The top 10 from 2012 remains largely unchanged from 2011, with six of the same models being represented and the top three remaining unchanged. The Toyota Avanza leads the sales by a country mile, selling two and a half times more vehicles than the second placed Daihatsu Xenia. There is a clear preference in Indonesia for family vehicles, with most popular cars being medium sized wagons or SUV’s. Only one small car, the Toyota Yaris, rounds out the list at number ten. It is also interesting to note the presence of two pick-ups (Suzuki Carry Pick-up and Daihatsu Gran Max Pick Up) and the commercial truck Colt Diesel, a trend unusual in other countries.

2013 Car Sales – January to May

  Model Number Sold Size
1 Toyota Avanza  85,395 Medium/wagon
2 Daihatsu Xenia 31,352 Medium/wagon
3 Toyota Kijang Innova 29,342 Wagon
4 Suzuki Ertiga 25,892 Medium/wagon
5 Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-up 19,295 Pick-up
6 Suzuki Carry Pick-up 16,090 Pick-up
7 Nissan Grand Livina 15,150 Medium/wagon
8 Toyota Rush 13,722 Mini SUV
9 Honda Jazz 13,546 Medium/wagon
10 Mitsubishi L300 12,012 Van/people mover

While the top three most popular cars have remained the same from 2012, it is interesting to see a major shakeup in the 2013 figures up to May. What is also important to note is the domination of the Toyota, Daihatsu and Suzuki brands – each car maker has two models in the top 10, with Toyota clearly out ahead. The preference towards these manufacturers shows

What does this all mean?

As our last article on Indonesia stated, the car market in the country is not yet large enough to make a significant impact on the global car market. It is, however, very thought-provoking to take a look at our closest neighbour’s car sales and how they compare to our own.

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What are your thoughts on the Indonesia’s car market?

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