The Perth Motor Show 2011; A review

The Perth Motor Show returned to the Perth Convention Centre after a 3 year break to mixed reviews, tentative expectations and guarded optimism. The show was engaging and enjoyable but cost cautiousness on behalf of the organisers (and car manufacturers) was evident as some more fun motor show elements were absent.

Highs and lows

While the motor show was largely a successful venture with their event managers reporting the attendance in the 30,000 region it has to be said that the event did lack a more distinct WOW factor. Yes, the Lamborghini’s and vintage cars were enjoyable but it must be noted that those are more or less stock standard at motor shows. Whilst it was engaging as an event it does not yet rate very highly in comparison to other motor shows. There was a distinct lack of the concept cars, family entertainers and special effects which could have elevated a good motor show to a great motor show.

Perth Motor Show


My time at the show; The statistics overload

Perth Motor Show

Cars at the Perth Motor Show

Perth Motor Show vintageWhat would have made things even better?

After a three year break a lot could have been done to help the Perth Motor Show; along with additional entertainment more work is needed to improve the general engagement of the event. More emphasis could have been placed on encouraging a community feel to the event. While there was a mature approach to Facebook (negative reviews have not been removed) there was no notable Twitter presence (for live shows this really is critical), even conventional media didn’t cover the event to any serious degree and post show reviews were few and far between. In short the organisers did well for a first year back but manufacturers, organisers and other stand holders really need to work on the entertainment and media coverage next time.

What did you think of the Perth Motor Show?

What was your favourite part?

Do you think you would go back?

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