Not Another Green Article!

Before you think “oh no, not another blog about green driving”, we’re not here to introduce a new age, super energy efficient, bio fuelled, electricity powered, emission free, hovercraft/car/green machine. We’re just reminding our readers that you don’t need to run out and buy a Prius, Leaf or Tesla to ease your environmental conscience. There are a lot of everyday old school practices that are the most effective methods of reducing your carbon footprint.

In Australia, our cars contribute to more than 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. These days’ people are taking all kinds of measures to make cars greener, and the presence of hybrids is becoming increasingly popular. The thought of battery powered cars was a mere dream years ago, yet even cars powered by human waste are being trailed today!

We all claim we want to do our part for the environment, but may not be able to afford the latest “green” car. Well no need to worry, there is another way! Our Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Malcolm, has long been of the opinion that Hybrids alone are not the solution, but that certain driving habits practiced long term and ensuring people are educated on these practices is the way to reduce our carbon footprint and all of us at Fleetcare are inclined to agree.

Here are some everyday tips that can help you drive greener:

  • Limit your speed - Not only is speeding bad, but it uses more fuel. At 110km/h your car uses up to 25% more fuel than it would cruising at 90km/h.
  • Car pooling - by getting more people into one car, it helps reduce emissions, can save you fuel money and can be fun too!
  • Tyre pressure - Under inflated tyres can cause greater resistance to your car when driving, so make sure they are at the right pressure next time you’re at the petrol station.
  • Plan your trip - Driving around in circles looking for your destination can be frustrating and a waste of fuel. If you’re likely to be stationary for more than 3 minutes it’s beneficial to switch your engine off.
  • Drive in the correct gear - driving in a lower gear can put more pressure on your car and increase fuel consumption, leading to more emissions being produced.
  • Minimise drag - roof racks and open windows can increase drag. Take your roof racks off when you aren’t using them and close your windows when you can.
  • Wash car on the lawn - this can prevent water wastage, will give your grass a drink and the soil helps to break down impurities.

See, it’s not that hard, nor is it as expensive as a new car! In fact, these tips can even help minimise fuel consumption and save you money. Doing your bit for the environment and saving money at the same time- how could you not like that?

What greener driving tips do you have?

Please share your comments with us below.

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