Mobile Apps Changing the Way We Drive

Ever seen Kitt from KnightRider in action and wished you had a car like that?  It might have seemed like a fantasy 20 years ago, but with technology these days it seems a car like this might not be too far off! The capability of the mobile phone is ever increasing, and now they can impact the way you use your car. With their downloadable applications you can now drive safer, reduce your carbon footprint and even find where you parked your car (when you could have sworn you parked in bay H5?)

Here are some applications that we think are worth downloading to make your life a little easier and also a bit safer!

Where are my keys?

No need to rummage through your bag anymore to find your keys in a hurry- your phone can now do all that for you!  The new application for your phone can lock and unlock your car doors, open the boot and some can even start your car! On top of that it also has a panic button which can be activated with one touch, giving you an extra sense of security when walking to your car alone.

But what if that SMS is important?

To prevent drivers from taking their eyes off the road to read a message, the Drive™ application reads SMS’s and emails out loud automatically.  It is Bluetooth and road transmitter compatible and is hands free, so there is no need to touch your phone while driving. It also sends auto replies to callers to tell them you will get back to them soon.

I’m easily distracted.

This application called Zoomsafer™ helps to prevent distracted driving and is a great innovation to encourage road safety.  It works by detecting when your car is moving and then locks the driver’s ability to use the phone until the vehicle has stopped.  This way, the driver can focus on the task at hand and won’t need to take their eyes off the road.

We profiled the Zoomsafer™ app back in Novemeber 2009 in our blog Fleet Safety: Are you steering your company towards a productivity iceberg?

I’ve been driving for hours…

Everyone knows that driving tired is dangerous, but sometimes you just can’t find a place to stop and take a break.  Queue the Rest Area Finder™, an application which locates rest stops along your route.  This encourages people to stop and take a break on long trips, allowing them to refocus before getting back on the road.

Going my way?

Ever been driving a long distance and thought about how much easier it would be if someone else was going in your direction? This is where Carticipate™ comes in handy.  This carpooling application can match you with your friends, family or other people in your area going to the same place at the same time.  It helps you to save time, money and reduces your carbon footprint, and on top of it all you get some company for the drive!

Do you have some other car related apps for your phone or do you use any of these?

Let us know by posting your comments below.

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