Has Toyota Caused a Rukus?

The Toyota Rukus- a car created to revive Toyota’s presence with the younger market, particularly with Gen Y.  But has it succeeded as of yet?
With approximately 150 of these vehicles selling each month, around 55% of the buyers have been between 20-40 years old, an age group which usually makes up less than 50% of Toyota’s customers. However, a point that is interesting to note is that when the figures are broken down, more than 40% of Rukus customers have been part of Gen X and are between 30-40 years old.  Total that with the 45% who are over 40 years old, and you will find that Gen Y (those under 30) have only made up 15% of Rukus buyers.

But what about those features that are supposed to appeal to the younger audience, such as the “potent audio gear”, passenger window locks for your “rowdy mates”, and “more than enough room for you and your mates” in the back?  Why are these not appealing to Gen Y and instead those in Gen X and above?

Even though the Rukus has many features that are geared towards the Gen Y market, its price tag of $31,137 (for the standard model) is out of the range of most 20-something year olds.  Instead, it is more likely to appeal to those in Gen X and Baby Boomers, who have families and are looking for a car to fit their busy lifestyle and all that comes with it.  The Toyota Rukus is well below the price of other family sized vehicles and has features that make it a very attractive alternative. Toyota’s report stated that:

     “Features that appeal to all age-groups include its wide door openings
      for easy entry and exit, tall driving position with large windscreen,
      easy-to-read dials (and) lots of headroom”

Add to these Toyota’s strong image of reliability and you get what most people are looking for in a family car- comfort, safety and a bit of style.

Toyota had also noted that many of the Rukus customers were new to the Toyota brand and had traded in competitors cars when making the purchase. What aspects of the Rukus do you think are attracting customers from other bands?

What do you think it is that has resulted in a low number of Gen Y buyers?

Do you think that the Toyota name has such a strong appeal to Gen X and above that it is unlikely to change its audience in such a short space of time?

Please let us know what you think by posting your comments below.

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