A Better Way To Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

If you run a business then it pays to take a careful systematic approach to fleet management, rather than doing things in an ad-hoc manner. After all, the cost in time and money of purchasing fuel, buying, selling and maintaining vehicles, registration, insurance, FBT compliance, and the many other concerns with running a fleet can be a major drain on your energy when you’re just trying to get on with business. Think about it: you’re not in business to run a vehicle fleet are you, so doesn’t it make sense to outsource at least some of that hassle to the experts with real experience and familiarity with the fleet management business? Why not let Fleetcare show you a better way to handle fuel, maintenance, roadside assistance and vehicle acquisition:

Cost cutting fuel cards

Discounted fuel is just the start of the benefits you’ll get from Fleetcare’s efficient fuel card system. With fuel cards from all the major suppliers – Shell, BP and Caltex - you and your employees will never be wasting time driving round looking for the “right” service station. You’ll also get the security of fuel cards assigned to each vehicle in your fleet, rather than each driver. Rather than dealing with a handful of individual invoices each month we’ll simplify your accounting with one simple monthly invoice. But it’s more than just an invoice, it’s also a valuable source of information to help you minimise fuel wastage, reduce the chances of fraud and compare your vehicle’s performance with the manufacturer’s benchmarks. We’re always here to help 24/7 with a quick and easy solution should your fuel card be lost or stolen, or to answer any question about the system.

Maintenance made easy

With Fleetcare, maintenance couldn’t get easier. For starters, you can forget about keeping tabs on your vehicle’s next service date because we’ll contact you when it’s due. And when repairs are needed we’ll keep you up to speed with support and advice, find the right repairer for you, make sure everything’s working the way it should, pay the bill on your behalf and ensure your vehicle’s records are up to date. You’ll find a range of conveniently located repairers for you to choose from and Fleetcare will have your vehicle back on the road as economically as possible in the shortest possible time.

Roadside assistance when you need it most

Breakdowns when you’re out and about are always a hassle, but at least with Fleetcare you’re never alone. Just call our 1300 number Australia-wide at any time and we’re always there to help you. We’ll help book your vehicle into one of our thousands of approved workshops around the country, letting you know by an email or text message. From there you can relax because our supervisors will take care of everything for you, issuing maintenance orders and making sure all repairs are done correctly. We’ll then pay the bill and make sure your vehicle’s service record is updated as well.

Making vehicle acquisition easy

Find out more

Find out more

If you’re confused and confounded by the bewildering range of vehicles on today’s market and the options for acquiring them, then you can breathe a little easier, because Fleetcare is here to make things a whole lot simpler. We have the experience you need to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and the buying power to get it for you at the best possible price. After that we’ll put together a funding package that suits your business, whether that’s an operating lease, finance lease, hire purchase or cash.

Trust the experts

Trusting your fleet management to the experts at Fleetcare so that you can get on with more important things just makes good business sense.

Need to find out more? Just call us now on 1300 777 600.

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