Reduce your insurance premiums with vehicle tracking

You probably already know that GPS vehicle tracking offers a heap of benefits, telling you where your vehicle is at any time of the day or night, recording its movements and making FBT reporting a breeze, for starters. But did you know it can also reduce your insurance premiums?
Many insurers are keen to discount their premiums because GPS vehicle tracking makes recovering your stolen vehicle so much easier, and of course cheaper for them.
When you have a Fleetdynamics tracking device installed, for instance, tracking your stolen vehicle is as easy as monitoring its whereabouts through the Fleetdynamics Portal on your computer. Better still if you’ve got the optional shutdown module then it’s a simple task to tell the police your vehicle’s precise whereabouts then shut down its ignition remotely, allowing the police to catch the thief red handed.
Insurers love this technology. So much so that late last year The RAC WA teamed up with the WA Police in a crackdown on car thieves, installing a thousand GPS devices free to car owners at risk of having their cars stolen. WA has the highest rate of car theft in the nation.
You might be surprised to learn that it’s not primarily performance cars like Porsches, Mercedes and BMWs that are being nicked, but ordinary family cars like Commodores and Falcons and commercial vehicles like the Toyota Hilux.
While joy riding is down, professional car theft, where vehicles are stolen for spare parts, illegal export or even scrap metal, is on the rise in WA, though it’s remained stable in other states.
There’s no doubt that compulsory vehicle immobilisers have significantly reduced car thefts, but it’s also changed criminal behaviour, with thieves now breaking into homes, or simply walking in the door and stealing your car keys before making off with your car. Charming.
Vehicle tracking technology puts a stop to all that while providing a range of other benefits as well. Fleetdynamics offers an array of tracking solutions to perfectly match your needs, so if you’d like to find out how vehicle tracking can improve your business’s performance (while lowering your insurance premiums!) phone Fleetdynamics today on 1300 087 225.

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