Novated Lease Residual Value Explained

Jayde Ferguson | 6/03/2018 12:49:04 PM

For employees and drivers that are in need of a new car, Novated leasing has offered a practical solution. Almost everyone can relate to the struggles of forking out money for a big purchase. A Novated lease makes for an easy financial solution. When an employer provides salary packaging on a car, it allows the employee to lease the vehicle on behalf of the company, thus leaving the employer responsible for the lease. Combined with the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) from the Australian Taxati...

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Reduce your insurance premiums with vehicle tracking

Mark Schneider | 22/04/2015 1:53:54 PM

You probably already know that GPS vehicle tracking offers a heap of benefits, telling you where your vehicle is at any time of the day or night, recording its movements and making FBT reporting a breeze, for starters. But did you know it can also reduce your insurance premiums?   Many insurers are keen to discount their premiums because GPS vehicle tracking makes recovering your stolen vehicle so much easier, and of course cheaper for them.   When you have a Fleetdynamics t...

Will bad maintenance wreck your business?

Mark Schneider | 17/04/2015 12:46:15 PM

Vehicle maintenance matters a lot. As a business owner you have a clear obligation to provide a safe working environment for your employees, an obligation that extends to the vehicles they drive. Any crash caused by your poor maintenance resulting in injury or death could leave you liable, or partially liable. Not only that, but if you are found to be liable under state and federal work safe legislation then you're open for lawsuits and compensation in the civil courts. Consider these...

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