Kick starting the debate on lemon laws

Michael Hunt and Rory Deegan | 20/04/2012 10:58:45 AM

“We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.” Pulled from a VW advert circa 1950 this is possibly one of the first mentions of the term “lemon” to describe a car which doesn’t live up to purchaser expectations. The question of what to do once you find out you have bought a “lemon” has persisted the world over. Add to this the fact that the topic itself has become something of a legal lucky dip depending on where you live.   What are Lemon Laws?...

Vehicle recalls - the need to know guide

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 12/04/2012 11:03:02 AM

"This can result in the electrical system malfunctioning, the vehicle failing to start and, in some cases, charring or fire,". Those were the words of BMW on their most recent recall of around 1.3 million vehicles. While this latest recall is not the largest or most dangerous on record it does give us a chance to discuss the subject. Indeed it's this very subject which gives car designers and fleet managers unending nightmares the world over.   What to do when your ve...

Hybrid or electric - A new comparison

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 5/04/2012 11:10:41 AM

Switch on the TV, listen to the radio or check-up products online. Over time you will notice the widespread use of one word in particular. That word is “compare” and it can be used or misused to persuade you, as a customer, to part with your cash for any given product or service. This week we take an independent look at the comparison between hybrid and electric vehicles. Focusing on cost, environmental impact and the major drawbacks of both we hope to understand more on what many...

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