2011 the year of the SUV?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 14/04/2011 2:26:58 PM

The main trend With new hybrid and electric models being trooped out by almost every major car manufacturer you would be forgiven for believing that the public was, en masse, moving away from large, noisy and relatively high emissions vehicles. This, however, is not the case according to last months FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) vehicle sales report. Sports utility vehicles now make up 24.5% of all new vehicles sold in March of this year. The significance of this lay...

Holden on for a new Cruze

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 7/04/2011 2:31:48 PM

Since an emotional launch in Adelaide back in late February Australians have waited to hear the assessment of the new series 2 Holden Cruze. Would this second model build on the relative sales success of the first, or would it remind us of the disappointing Vectra range which Holden and GM would prefer to forget?   The changes Apart from a new grill, new bumpers and new wheels there isn’t much to distinguish the new Cruze from the one which left showrooms and forecourts w...

Pump prices pack a punch

Laura Taylor - Marketing Assistant | 1/04/2011 2:37:18 PM

Who would have thought 5 years ago that we would be paying $1.50 per litre at the petrol station? I certainly wouldn’t have. Gone are the days that a station was selling fuel for $0.98/L. How I wish those prices would come back! But times have changed, and so have prices. Now the average national petrol price is at $1.43 per litre, and it doesn’t look to be decreasing any time soon. We all rely on fuel in one way or another. These are just a few areas that the price rise has a...

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