Hasta Lavista Hummer

After a March sales figure of 14 it seems the Hummer H3’s place on Australian roads is truly done & dusted. The doom was hanging heavy in the clouds with GM announcing earlier this year that Hummer would wind down production. But why did it never really take off in Australia?

It’s fuel economy actually matchs the likes of pajero & patrol, the price is reasonable and by most reports it is a great off-roader. However despite looking good on paper the H3 just can’t escape the perception of being an irresponsible purchase.

It seems the negative attention that goes along with the H3 is the biggest deterrent for Australian sales. Numerous reviewers including caradvice.com.au & webwombat.com.au listed heckling from other motorists as the biggest Con of the H3.

Alborz Fallah at Car Advice even had eggs hurled at his yellow Hummer and Greenpeace flyers stuffed in his spare tyre. Web wombat was told to “get that American gas guzzler of the road” by a passing motorist. The hummer is the only vehicle on Australia’s roads that could possibly get such a vocal response.

Could the underlying cause for such a negative reaction be Aussies hate of attention seekers (the bad kind anyway)? Just look at Corey Worthington, Lara Bingle or Kyle Sandilands. Australians love to hate people who try and grab their attention for the wrong reasons and the H3 definately commits this social crime.

Over the last decade Australia's environmental conscience has grown tremendously, making Hummer drivers now seem blatently irresponsible, trading our future for a weapon of mass conusmption. With flashy chrome bumpers and a military style exterior the H3 has become an easy target for environmental supporters everywhere and the sales figures reflect the negative sentiment.

The most surprising part is that the abuse may have been misguided. The H3 is actually on par with a lot of other 4WD’s in the market for carbon emissions. According to the government green vehicle guide it actually gets a better rating than the Pajero GLX and Diesel Patrol ST, but you don’t see either of these with a Spanish omelette on their windscreen. Probably because the image below doesn’t immediately pop into your mind when you see a Patrol.

So we say farewell to the hummer, a victim of its own brash styling and angry environmentalists. If only it had swapped 22” rims & a Chrome grill for something a little bit more subtle like the Patrol or Pajero. After all how can anyone feel sorry for brand that encourages monstrosities like the one below.

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