5 Ways Small Business Can Benefit from Outsourcing Their Fleet Management

If your business has over 2 vehicles you could now consider it a fleet and get the benefits that come along with owning a fleet. Over the past decade fleet management companies have uncovered the small business market as a valuable prospect, creating innovative solutions that help small businesses cut down on their overheads and administration time.

These days you don’t need 1000+ vehicles to benefit from outsourcing fleet management. Here are five ways small business can benefit from outsourcing their fleet management

1. Corporate Level Discounts: Because they aggregate the needs of numerous clients, fleet management companies get preferential discount rates from their suppliers. These rates are then passed on to all clients, meaning even small businesses gain discounted rates on parts, labour & fuel.

2. Maintenance Management: Continual maintenance of your company vehicles is essential to reducing large costs further down the track. Putting off regular maintenance can lead to much larger repairs when serious faults start to occur. Maintenance scheduling can be implemented to make sure regular servicing is carried out. The entire process is outsourced meaning business owners don’t have to try to remember the next date of service and schedule appointments etc. Also most fleet management providers will get a discounted labour rate.

3. Reduce your administration time: Most small business owners are time poor. Apart from the monetary benefits of fleet management small business owners can save valuable time by outsourcing the administration process of vehicle management. In the majority of cases it will reduce vehicle admin time by up to 70%.

4. One simple monthly invoice: Wading through the numerous invoices can again waste valuable time and impede effective budgeting. Fleet management companies combine all a businesses operating & leasing costs like fuel, finance, maintenance & repair into one simple monthly invoice, allowing efficient budgeting & administration.

5. Tap into industry experience: Running a small business requires you to be multi-talented & flexible. However unless you’re a Fleetmanager you probably won’t share the industry knowledge base of a fleet management consultant.

Their knowledge and industry experience covers areas some businesses might not even contemplate e.g. choosing a new vehicle with the ‘lowest cost of ownership’, knowing the price of a certain vehicle part to avoid being overcharged, the list is endless.

All this extra service is now being offered at a smaller price than small businesses might think; proving that fleet management is no longer only a corporate service. Managing your business vehicles has now become so much more than just owning a Caltex or BP fuel card & for those willing to take the next step the rewards can be big.

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