The Fleetcare Novated Lease Portal

The Fleetcare novated lease portal uses the latest technology to give you 24/7 access to your account. Through the Fleetcare novated lease portal, managing your novated lease is easy with a full breakdown of your services, the ability to upload odometer readings, download reports, update your personal details, submit any reimbursements and keep track of your spending through the click of a button.

The novated lease portal is an easy way to manage your novated lease

How does the Fleetcare novated lease portal work?



 The novated lease portal contains all the essential information that you need to keep track of during your novated lease with Fleetcare including:

  • Last service information
  • Registration expiry date
  • Last odometer reading
  • Next service date
  • FBT details
  • Transactions and reimbursements
  • Account balance
  • Vehicle maintenance, lease, fuel, insurance and registration payments

The novated lease portal is available through desktop or mobile 24/7, so that you have access to your account when you're on the go or wherever you are in the country.