Roadside assistance

As a Fleetcare leaseholder, you get roadside assistance automatically when we set up your novated lease plan. Any time you’re stuck, simply call our 24/7 helpline and one of our friendly advisers will be ready to help.

For roadside assistance please call 1300 655 170.

Registration and insurance

Registration and third party insurance come as standard with all new leases, plus we can source comprehensive insurance cover as an optional extra. If you prefer to choose your own insurance provider that’s fine; it just means that you would have to manage the payments yourself.

Your online account

To make life easier, you can access your account details online via our novated lease portal. Besides giving you a full breakdown of your vehicle services, it allows you to update your personal details, keep tabs on your spending and submit any reimbursement requests all at the touch of a button.

Your account password is sent with your lease statement via email at the end of your first month.