Fleetcare phone system

Talk to the right people faster by understanding our phone system. Below is a full explanation of how to use the system in a quick and convenient way.

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If you know the department you want to talk to, simply input the numbers once the call is answered. For example; if you would like to talk to the Fuel/etag team, simply dial 1, then 2 as soon as you hear the main phone menu.

Once the call is answered (automatically) you will be given 3 options;
1. Client services
2. Suppliers
3. New customers

Users can also directly dial an extension to get through to the person of their choice

Option 1 - Client

Option 2 - Supplier

1 - Roadside/Accident

2 - Fuel/etag

3 - Registrations & Infringements

4 - Novated lease manager

0 - Other

1 - Order number - vehicle maintenance

2 - Account payment - invoice

3 - Account payment - vehicle

4 - Dealer

Option 3 - New customers

Dialing an extension

1 - Novated leases

2 - Fleetpro/fuel cards

3 - Total fleet management

If you know the extension of the
person you want to talk to simply
dial (key ahead) their extension
(3 digits) once the call is answered