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Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Offering Airservices Australia employees the best of the best in novated leasing

Looking for a new car or searching for the best car loan options? Ask us how you can save money and tax by salary packaging your vehicle with a Novated Lease.

We take care of the price negotiations on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about pushy salesmen. Let us do the leg work for you.

SAVE ON CAR PURCHASE PRICE with our national purchasing power

CUT FUEL COSTS with discounted fuel cards

CUT VEHICLE COSTS with discounted maintenance and repairs

REDUCE INCOME TAX with payments deducted from your pre-tax salary

GST SAVINGS on vehicle price and running costs*

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Just fill in our "Contact us now" form to get the ball rolling on your Novated Lease! Alternatively, call us on 1300 819 609 or email

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Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Fleetcare Novated Leasing

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