The Fleetcare Difference

Fleetcare is Australia's largest privately-owned fleet management company. We are distinguished from other fleet management companies by:

  • Our customer driven philosophy built on trust, honesty and integrity
  • Our commitment to continuous innovation through strategic problem-solving, leading-edge technology and a team of elite industry professionals
  • Our commitment to providing quality services and best value fleet solutions for our customers
  • Our 20+ years of industry experience
  • And our understanding that every organisation is unique and the need to customise packages to meet specific needs

Customer Driven Philosophy

Because everyone in the industry says they are devoted to customer service, it has become a cliché. That's a shame. For many good firms – including Fleetcare – it is much more than that.

Our collaborative and consultative approach means we partner with our clients to become a valuable member of your business.

The only way to assess the real quality of a supplier's customer service is to talk at length to some of their customers or clients. We encourage you to do that. We will happily introduce you to one or more members of our highly contented client base so you can check for yourself.

What is so special about Fleetcare's customer service?

  • Our service is proactive, not reactive

Our specialised teams work directly with your drivers to keep your vehicles properly maintained all the time.

  • Our innovative information reporting systems help us spot the unusual

Our reporting tools offer complete transparency and the ability to monitor and control any unusual fleet activity, saving the fleet manager time, money and stress.

  • We work as a team with our clients

We are a free consulting arm, able to offer advice on every aspect of the fleet's management from car selection to energy management to driver training and technical advice.

Our Fleetcare clients know all of this. Ask them!

Technology Driven

A key corporate Fleetcare strategy has always been to harvest the rewards of intelligently-applied technology. Much of our success in this highly competitive business is due to our unique home-grown Fleetmanager software.

We're proud of this product. We designed and developed it ourselves. You can expect powerhouse reporting, up to the minute information at your fingertips, comprehensive and easy to use exception reporting and much, much more.

Fleetmanager is under continual development, it is customer driven and is constantly breaking new ground in delivering better fleet management services in Australia (and internationally).

If you’d like to make a comment on how we could improve Fleetmanager, please contact us.

Quality Service & Fleet Savings

Fleetcare became a unique success story because Nigel Malcolm saw a basic flaw in the traditional philosophy of fleet management. It failed to focus on total cost and focused on specific areas like the prices paid for vehicles or petrol.

At Fleetcare we believe this is a simplistic approach. Why? Because the overall cost of fleet management is much more than the sum of those individual cost components.

Our philosophy considers all of the other hidden costs. These include costs like the indirect expense of the client's internal administration, the 'distraction' overhead (employees distracted by fleet management issues), managing multiple external suppliers and duplication of effort.

It's all about saving you money. This approach and the use of our unique Fleetcare information systems drives down the total cost of ownership.

Finding Unique Solutions

Our people have experience across a huge range of fleets (and fleet sizes). We encounter and handle complex problems of diversity every day. And when we take care of these problems for our clients, we do it more economically than they could ever do it themselves.

We're good at handling distance at Fleetcare.

We are a national business with vehicles managed in every corner of Australia. We manage large fleets and small fleets. Some have a couple of thousand vehicles. Some have just a handful.

The makeup of these fleets is diverse

Some of them simply have cars and light commercials to trucks and buses and highly specialised vehicles with intricate configurations. We do it all.

And our clients are diverse too.

They are in industries of almost every type representing Australia's full spectrum of industrial, governmental and commercial activity.

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