Fleetcare 100% Australian Owned Logo

Fleetcare is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

Australian Owned

Fleetcare stands out from other fleet management companies because we are 100% Australian owned. Unlike some other Fleet management companies, as an independent Australian owned business, Fleetcare doesn't face any demands from overseas shareholders, as would be expected with some of our fleet competitors.

Australian Operated

Fleetcare's customer support staff are all located and work in Australia, with offices located in:

  • Wangara, Perth
  • Bella Vista, New South Wales
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Hobart, Tasmania

Our staff manage over 30,000 vehicles for a variety of client types, including industrial, governmental and commercial across Australia.

History in Australia

Fleetcare was founded by Nigel Malcolm in 1989 when he recognised a market in the fleet management industry for an independent company that could offer fleet management services, without being tied to financiers or external stakeholders. 26 years on and Nigel is still building a business that was inspired by customers and dedicated to delivering a first class service. Since 1989 we have listened intently to our Australian clients and tasked ourselves with saving them time and money; from fuel consumption and maintenance, to roadside recovery and management information.

Commitment to Australian Driver Issues

At Fleetcare we are commited to and passionate about the Australian motor industry, and we love to share our knowledge with Australian drivers. Our blog features a range of topics designed to inform and educate Australians about all things driving, vehicles and the motor industry, such as The good news about car affordability in Australia, How cost competitive are cars in Australia?, and instructional blogs for Australian motorists such as Changing your flat tyre safely and Misfueling your car - A costly mistake